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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fabulously Yummy Wedding Gifts

Hey Everybody!

So today I want to share this super gift that a bride recently gave her bridal party.

When we cater a full wedding, we always give the couple a breakfast basket; with breakfast goodies and some of the food from the wedding they may not have had a chance to try. As a former bride, I know that sometimes there's so much going on that you don't always get to try everything. Also the last thing you want to do the next day, is cook or hunt for a breakfast spot. I also take breakfast baskets to weddings when we are guests and the newlyweds love them!

This bride took it to a new level! She ordered the baskets for her bridal party so that on the day of the wedding they would have some yummies while they were getting ready as the guys and the gals had sleepovers in order to get ready on time. So check it out.

What's inside: 

Assorted Cheeses
Freshly Baked - Muffins, rolls and oatmeal cookies
Fresh Fruit 
Baileys Coffee Creamer
Sausage and Vegetable Hash 
Cassava Chips

So feel free to give this a shot or you can always give us a call.

See you soon =)

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