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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Fav #2 Avocados!

What's going on guys? What did you cook this weekend? Last week was a fun week; we did a few events and lots of cakes per usual.

Today though, is the second edition of Summer Favorites!
It's one of my super duper, favorite foods.... Avocados. Known here and in other islands as "pear".
I think we call it a pear because of its shape which is similar to a pear but botanically it's a large berry.

Avocados are so yummy and creamily luscious! They can go with anything from a salad to fish, to sitting sliced up with some crackers. When it is in season we love to add it into our menus for events.

Here are some fresh avocados we saw today as we were shopping for an event:

Can't wait to eat one! But they weren't ripe, so we got some Hass ones too.
Here is a quick video on how we prep our "pears" for guacamole.

If you would like the recipe  for our guacamole, comment below.

Lastly, check out the guacamole paired with our mango salsa. Yummilicous!

So until next time, be sweet!
Hugs n Sprinkles


  1. I would love the recipe avocado is my favourite.

  2. Thanks for commenting Lisa we will make it our one of our next posts