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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Farmers Market Morning

Hey foodies! Wassup?!

    So, when we were living in Germany, one of my favorite things was the farmers markets. Everything is so fresh and beautiful.
    I've been wanting to visit one here forever, but they are always on Saturdays. Weekend is the busiest time of the week here so that was  not possible. Finally I got to go, Yippee!

So I have been to markets here before, like "Cheapside Market" but this was different. It was very cozy and the atmosphere very calm and relaxed.

I got some passion fruits, french bread, and a basil plant. I would definitely go again. You should check it out. Farmers market; Saturday mornings at Art Splash in Hastings.

Take Care now and have a delicious week!

Ps- Stay tuned for a Passion fruit recipe =)

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