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Thursday, September 8, 2011

O to be a Kid again!


So its been an on going debate between chef Ed and I as to whether young children remember their parties. And if in fact the parties are not for the parents more than the sweet little kiddies.

Well I am of the opinion the kids do remember. Since I do. Especially the food. The pinwheel sandwiches and yummy snacks my mom would make and weigh the table down with them. How could I forget?

But honestly its so exciting to plan a special event for these little people, I think parents enjoy it just as much. For one day they relive their childhood. Or have a bit of the childhood they really wanted to have.

So enough gabbing, today’s post is really about the 2 Children’s themed parties we recently catered.

One for a diva little girl and one for a charming young boy.

Lets start with the Bratz themed Beach Birthday Party:



sideCakedrinksBratz Party

Now for the Transformers Birthday Party


snax n cake


lootCakeCupcakestransformers party


Both Parties had almost the same menu, which is our basic kids party menu:

A Custom Cake by our Bakeshop


Mini Pizzas

Pigs in a Blanket


Fruit Cups

Juice & Milk Boxes

Bottled Water

However there are lots of other options available.


If you are planning your own party and really want tie the theme together without raiding the party store and spending unnecessary cash here are a few tips that we used in planning these parties:

1. Personalize – so your child is having a sesame street party. Make it all about them. Print little signs that say “Lilly’s 3rd Birthday” with a sesame street character. You can use these signs on the food table, on the entry, on the loot bags, anywhere really. Also using things that are significant to your child like including their favorite food on the menu will help to make them feel super special.

2. Customize. This may cost you a little more but its worth it in the end. Get a custom cake that features your theme. This can serve as your centerpiece and you will know its one of a kind made just for your child’s special day. Custom cupcakes and other favors are also great little details that add an extra pop.

3. Improvise – If you are having the party at your home use there are lots of everyday items that you can use for you party.

Dining table – If your party is outdoors and your table isn’t too heavy, take the table outside and transform it into your kids buffet or cake & treats table. If its inside better yet!

Side chair: Make a sign that says gifts and hang it over the chair. Now guests know exactly where to drop their gifts off. You can even decorate it with some balloons tied to the back.

Punch or Salad Bowl: Fill the bowl with ice and then stack the juice boxes in there to keep them nice and cold for little hands. ( juice boxes are a great idea for kiddies no pouring, no spilling = no mess)

SO I hope my tips help you to plan your next shabang for your kiddies! If you’re to busy or rather not you can always call us to take stress off your hands and leave you to simply enjoy the day with your little munchkin!

Happy Eating!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Parties!


So today is the 1st of September, summer is officially over. What better way to spend the day than to reflect on some summer memories!

We had lots of parties and events, today I’ll share 2 of them.

Winston & Carolyn’s Engagement Dinner






Mini Taco Bowls


Coconut Shrimp


Family Style Pasta Primavera with Spice Rubbed Chicken

strawberry chzck

Mini New York Style Strawberry Cheesecakes


Maria’s Birthday Office Celebration


Chicken Potstickers

wings and Crudite

Wings and Crudite



Mini Spring Rolls



Brownie Bites


These parties were so fun to prepare, the chicken postickers and coconut shrimp were total crowd favorites! Cant wait to share more with you…. look out for a cute Bratz themed birthday party and an All white affair!


Happy Eating!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sushi Party!


How was your week so far loves? I decided to write before the weekend chaos. Hopefully this new strategy will make postings more frequent and keep me from falling off the wagon.

So in Barbados Sushi was not really an in thing until recently, most people would shy away. “I don’t want no raw fish” they would say, but recently the food adventurists have increased and I was so happy to cater a fab sushi party for a frequent client of mine.

We served some salmon and cream cheese sushi and some vegetarian sushi for those who were vegan or preferred not to have the raw fish. There were also side dishes like edamame, stir fried zucchini and tempura vegetables.

Here are some photos:



Salmon Sushi Rolls



Vegetarian Sushi with Pickled Mango and Cucumber




Stir fried Zucchini


So be adventurous and try something new today!

Happy Eating!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

M. I . A


So I feel like an addict that falls of the wagon over and over again. So here is my attempt at staying on the wagon.

I know I was gone for a while, that means I have lots n lots to share!

First I’m going to share, what the spring & summer season was definitely about for us this year.



(Photo by Gina Francesca)

Christina & Dewey’s Sunset Beach Wedding
(The cake matches their colors with hand cut gold fences. Inside is:Strawberry Shortcake)


cupcake attack

(Bottom photo by Risee Chaderton)

Kaylani & Mark’s Beach Wedding Cupcake Tower

( Keylime & Rum Cupcakes with hand painted white chocolate shells)


Sherril & Gabriel’s Morning Wedding

(2 tier topper cake (chocolate) with matching (vanilla) cupcakes all with sugar calla lillies)




Danny & Katie's Black and White Wedding Cake Tower

3 tier cake and mini cakes
Cake- Baileys Chocolate
          Pineapple Rum
          Blueberry Swirl

Mini Cakes- Tutti Frutti
                  Bajan Fruit Cake


tabletable sidecupcakes

                            wedding cake

Alicia & Derrick’s Garden Wedding – Sweet Bar and Wedding Cake

(Wedding Cake- Bellini (Vanilla Champagne Cake with Strawberry Tangerine filling)

Dessert Bar – Candy and Assorted Cupcakes


Well there you have it a taste (peek) of wedding season. Ill be back with more events and some more weddings. I’ve really missed you guys. Don’t let me fall off the wagon again… please.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Time to Catch up!


So finally some time to sit and tell you what’s been going on around here. Its been event after event and I have hardly had time to absorb it all.

Since I mentioned in the last post that orders were pouring in due to our new FB page I thought it would only be fair to show you some of the what was going on.

First is The Annual Prime Minister’s Lecture at The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus. We actually catered this event last year when the Late Prime Minister of Barbados Mr. David Thompson spoke. This year the Prime Minister of St. Vincent, Dr Ralph Gonsalves spoke. He is very nice and down to earth.

Here are some pics from the event:

Table scape





Then we catered a Baby’s 1st Birthday, it was actually more of a lunch for the mommies and a play date for the little girls.

Here’s the cake that little Amber shared with her cousin Amaya whose birthday was close to hers.


The menu included items like our Grilled Vegetable Wraps


Next we catered for a small business “Blue Print Directions” celebrating their 3rd Anniversary with a small after work party.




Then they were lots of dinners for social groups






Well I think that’s all for now. I’ll be back soon to share some of our newer cakes! Happy Monday!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Missed You Guys!


I cant believe its been so long. Here’s the scoop on why I was missing. No i wasn’t abducted by aliens. Although that does sound quite exciting. We finally created a fan page for Beautiful Decadence. Before we only had a page for our pastry shop “As Cute as A Cupcake Barbados” but we opened our “BD catering” page and the phone just wouldn’t stop ringing!

Check us out here!/pages/BD-Catering/184358001607532

Profile pic


Sooo I have been completely consumed with work, food and deliciousness! But I haven’t forgotten you. I'm here to fulfill my promise and show you the heart healthy foods of February.

According to these foods are good for you heart:

- Oatmeal

- Salmon

- Avocado

- Olive oil

- Nuts

- Berries

- Legumes

- Spinach

- Flaxseed


Here is the link to their list which tell you why these are good for you.,,20307113,00.html

We chose 2 of these to work with – Spinach & Salmon

Here are the dishes we made:


Spinach and Parmesan Quiche

Cucumber & Smoked Salmon Cups with whipped Lemon Greek Yogurt


Smoked Salmon Breakfast Pizza


Well that’s all for now hope this encourages you to make your own heart healthy food. See you soon!