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Monday, June 10, 2013

Every little girl wants a Pony!

Okay... maybe not every little girl, but this little girl did! And so did the little girl whose birthday party we catered last weekend.  There is just something so magical about horses and ponies, that just makes the little girl in me excited. So off we go to the stables for a happy Saturday afternoon party.

Look at them! The brown one just had too much styles for me. Posing for the cameras and prancing. 

We made lots of finger foods like Hawaiian meatballs: 

Mini Burgers
Mini Pizzas
Kiddie Doughnuts
Bite sized Chicken Patties
Chicken Fingers
and Cupcakes

It really was a fun party, with perfect weather and the cutest little area for the children to eat and play. 

Hope you enjoyed us sharing this with you 
Until next time, live deliciously!

P.s. Horsey says toodle loo!

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