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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sushi Party!


How was your week so far loves? I decided to write before the weekend chaos. Hopefully this new strategy will make postings more frequent and keep me from falling off the wagon.

So in Barbados Sushi was not really an in thing until recently, most people would shy away. “I don’t want no raw fish” they would say, but recently the food adventurists have increased and I was so happy to cater a fab sushi party for a frequent client of mine.

We served some salmon and cream cheese sushi and some vegetarian sushi for those who were vegan or preferred not to have the raw fish. There were also side dishes like edamame, stir fried zucchini and tempura vegetables.

Here are some photos:



Salmon Sushi Rolls



Vegetarian Sushi with Pickled Mango and Cucumber




Stir fried Zucchini


So be adventurous and try something new today!

Happy Eating!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

M. I . A


So I feel like an addict that falls of the wagon over and over again. So here is my attempt at staying on the wagon.

I know I was gone for a while, that means I have lots n lots to share!

First I’m going to share, what the spring & summer season was definitely about for us this year.



(Photo by Gina Francesca)

Christina & Dewey’s Sunset Beach Wedding
(The cake matches their colors with hand cut gold fences. Inside is:Strawberry Shortcake)


cupcake attack

(Bottom photo by Risee Chaderton)

Kaylani & Mark’s Beach Wedding Cupcake Tower

( Keylime & Rum Cupcakes with hand painted white chocolate shells)


Sherril & Gabriel’s Morning Wedding

(2 tier topper cake (chocolate) with matching (vanilla) cupcakes all with sugar calla lillies)




Danny & Katie's Black and White Wedding Cake Tower

3 tier cake and mini cakes
Cake- Baileys Chocolate
          Pineapple Rum
          Blueberry Swirl

Mini Cakes- Tutti Frutti
                  Bajan Fruit Cake


tabletable sidecupcakes

                            wedding cake

Alicia & Derrick’s Garden Wedding – Sweet Bar and Wedding Cake

(Wedding Cake- Bellini (Vanilla Champagne Cake with Strawberry Tangerine filling)

Dessert Bar – Candy and Assorted Cupcakes


Well there you have it a taste (peek) of wedding season. Ill be back with more events and some more weddings. I’ve really missed you guys. Don’t let me fall off the wagon again… please.