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Friday, August 1, 2014

My 1st Product Review

Hey there!

Today I am going to share my thoughts on a snack, I found here in our local supermarket. I've heard the name floating around the webisphere. So when I saw them in the store, I just had to try them.

So what I tried was a "Food Should Taste Good" brand snack. Specifically the All Natural Tortilla Chips, jalapeno flavor with crushed red pepper flakes.

I really enjoyed this product. It is a hearty chip packed with flavor. The premise of the company is to use all natural, good quality ingredients. 
These chips are: 
- Gluten free
-Whole Grain
-No MSG 
-Contains 0g trans fat
-Cholesterol Free
-Vegan & Kosher

What I liked about the chips:

Texture: It is a sturdy chip, I could definitely use these as a vessel for a passed canape. They are a thicker cut than typical restaurant style tortilla chips. You can notice the whole grain but in a pleasant way. And you get that satisfying crunch as you bite in.

Flavor: The spice is real y'all! I can definitely taste the jalapeno and red peppers, although not overbearing for me. To me the seasoning is on point, not over salted and not greasy at all. 

Natural all the way. Even the color comes from beets!

I ate these straight up, but I had some company over and I served them with some Pico de Gallo and they were great. Comment below if you would like my recipe for "Pico". 

You could also pair it with:

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-Mango Salsa
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Here is also a link to the "Food Should Taste Good" Website.

DISCLAIMER: This review is not at all sponsored, just me sharing my take on a new find.

Have a delicious week!
Happy August