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Friday, May 31, 2013

Wedding Cake Round up

Hey there!

Just wanted to share some of our recent wedding cakes, just in case you missed them on our facebook page and a few tips.

3 tips on choosing your cake:

1- Make it personal. It is your day after all, be sure to include small details that are special to you.
2- Choose a flavor you love, no one said you have to be traditional.
3- Think of your guest count. A small cake can look insignificant in a ballroom of 200 and a small wedding doesn't need to have a huge tower.

Cakey Pics:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We are back

Hi guys,
 You all must be super tired of me falling off of the blog wagon and jumping back on again.
We have been missing for more than a year now and I really have no idea how I could make it up to you. The truth is life is busy and its hard to juggle everything and running a food service business is a marathon with medals along the way. This blog is a little breathing space for us to share our foodventures with you. I hope you will forgive us for our hiatus.

So much has happened. We moved! We are now in the country. We have more space, a backyard and our neighbor has a farm. I am definitely going to do a video of our yard and let you peek at the animals and see our HUGE mango tree. We were in the newspaper, we did an expo and sooo many events!
Here are some photos of events and things that have happened while we were gone.